Granite Countertops In Johnson County, TX

Euro style countertops

Granite USA has been providing the finest granite countertops to the cities in Johnson county for many years. Have you dreamed of having beautiful granite kitchen countertops? We have the largest selection of granite, quartz and specialty stone in the DFW metroplex.

Would you like white granite countertops? Does black granite fit your design preference? No problem! Our vast selection of granite colors and patterns and our direct-to-you wholesale prices enable you to have the dream countertops you’ve always hoped for.

Homeowners prize granite countertops because no two slabs are alike. With granite, you will never see the same countertops as yours in anyone else’s home. Our granite remnants enable you to accent your countertops with rare granite and natural stone varieties.

Are you unsure as to which granite to select? Our talented design specialists will show you the many options you have available to ensure you have the granite countertops that are perfect for you.

Premier Granite Installations

Our locally-based company has not only provided the best granite available to the cities in Johnson county for over ten years, but we take care of all installation procedures from start to finish.

Do you have a large kitchen and wonder what the cost will be for granite countertops? A free estimate is provided by our installation experts after accurately measuring the area you desire to renovate.

Our fabricators and installation specialists have many years of experience and take care of all aspects involved in the granite installation process. From the initial measuring and precision cutting to edge profile finishing details and backsplashes and tile applications, we guarantee your granite countertops will turn your kitchen, bathroom or entertainment area into the dream home you’ve always wished for. The largest granite selection and expert countertop installation is provided to these Johnson county cities:

Quartz And Granite Installs

Homeowners wonder if granite or quartz is best.

It comes down to your needs, budget and what you prefer.

Granite is prized for its uniqueness while quartz is easy-care, more affordable and can be dyed any color.

Granite Showroom
We can supply & install quartz and granite.

Quartz is excellent for large countertop areas with backsplashes, tiles and natural stone remnants adding the finishing touches. At Granite USA, we install more than countertops! We provide and install every aspect needed to turn your home into a luxury retreat!

  • Backsplashes
    Backsplashes in tile and natural stone frame your countertops.
  • Countertops
    Classic or contemporary, we are experts in countertop designs and installation.
  • Edge Profiles
    Our skilled fabricators create the perfect edge profile for your countertops.
  • Kitchen
    Your kitchen is transformed by our granite and quartz countertops.
  • Bathroom
    Revive your bathroom with countertops, tiles and flooring.
  • Natural Stone
    Marble and natural stone enhance your countertops and invoke luxury.
  • Sinks
    We provide the finest sinks for your kitchen and bathroom.
  • Remnants
    Rare stone remnants are affordable and excellent for smaller spaces.

Contact Us Today For Granite Or Quartz

Call us today at (817) 402-2114 and speak with our granite and quartz experts. Visit our showroom and warehouse to view our extensive granite, quartz and natural stone inventory. Our designers, fabricators and installation specialists are happy to answer any questions you have. No matter what color, pattern or design in granite, quartz or tiles you are searching for, you can count on us to deliver it at the best prices to be had!


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