Here we will discuss granite vs quartz. This is a debate that continues amongst homeowners as well as builders.  Granite is a long-time favorite because of the elegant beauty it provides to your home.  Quartz countertops; however, are increasing in popularity for their easy-care nature and versatility. 

Builders frequently put granite countertops in their homes because people are drawn to the sophisticated elegance of granite.  When you incorporate stone countertops into your home you make your kitchen, bathroom and entertainment areas as unique as you are.    

Are Granite Countertops Or Quartz Countertops Better?

Here at Granite USA, we are asked this question frequently.  Both granite countertops and quartz countertops each have very positive attributes.  That being said, it really comes down to what is better suited for you, your needs and lifestyle and which one you prefer visually. 

Both granites vs quartz works well with all home design preferences.  If you want the look of granite but the easier care of quartz, you can have quartz countertops in a granite pattern.  The choice is yours!    

What Are The Benefits Of Granite Countertops?

Granite is a 100% natural stone that is quarried.  Large granite blocks are cut into slabs and then polished on one side.  This is one of the reasons why homeowners and builders like granite. 

As each slab is unique, your countertop stone will not be identical to someone else’s.  Granite is exceptionally durable and has a high hardness level.  It does not scratch easily. 

Granite countertops will last for decades when they are cared for properly.  Because granite is porous, it must be sealed and treated annually to protect it from stains and from harboring bacteria. 

Most people don’t mind this extra care because granite is beautiful and greatly increases the value of your home.  Granite countertops provide you a myriad of colors, patterns, and varieties to choose from.  From dramatic Absolute Black to rustic Brown Canyon or the breath-taking swirls of Typhoon Bordeaux, you’re sure to find a granite variety you love.

What Are That Benefits Of Quartz Countertops?

Quartz countertops are a combination of quartz material and approximately 7% resin.  Because of this, they are not porous and do not need annual treatment.  Quartz countertops are resistant to stains, bacteria and are easy to care for. 

Many homeowners choose quartz countertops for their bathroom because of these reasons.  The color you see in our warehouse here at Granite USA is the exact color you will receive. 

They are excellent for large countertop areas because the seaming doesn’t show between slabs.  Quartz countertops can be dyed any color or pattern you wish; therefore, if you want your countertops in your favorite color or love vibrant pops of color in your home, you can have that with quartz. 

They work well for those of you with hectic, busy schedules, who love cooking frequently or who enjoy casual entertaining at home because if you spill or splash you just wipe it up and never worry about stains.

How Do I Know If Granite Or Quartz Countertops Are Better For Me?

We will show you granite vs quartz and stop by our Fort Worth showroom and see for yourself the multitude of granite and quartz colors, patterns and varieties that we offer for you to choose from.  Call us today at (817) 402-2114 and speak with our countertop stone experts. 

Granite USA makes it easy for you!  We provide you with design consultation and our designer will assist you in choosing the countertop stone that is perfect for your style preference and that suits your lifestyle and needs the best.  Our vast selection, quality service, and low prices can’t be beaten!

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