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Find the differences between Granite Vs Marble offered here in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Here at Granite USA, we can state with confidence that we provide the best prices in the DFW metroplex on granite, marble, and other exotic stone options. When you desire to upgrade and transform your home with stone countertops, home renovations can become costly. We eliminate the middleman by selling directly to you, enabling you to reduce your home transformation costs.

For over ten years, we’ve been providing affordable granite countertops and making available many other stone types that most companies don’t carry! Most homeowners are unaware of the vast array of stone varieties that they have to select from. Whether you desire the most affordable granite countertops available or desire to learn more regarding unusual, beautiful stone types such as marble, our extensively-experienced team of stone experts will see to it that you receive the finest, superior quality stone at the most affordable price to be found anywhere!

What Are The Benefits That Granite Offers Me?

Granite is a 100% natural stone that is quarried. Large granite blocks are then cut into thin slabs and polished on one side. Granite is extremely durable and has a high hardness level; therefore, it doesn’t scratch easily. Granite comes in a multitude of colors, patterns, and varieties.

From pale shades such as Arctic White to dramatic Absolute Black, you can have any color that you desire with granite. Natural stones are porous so granite must be sealed and treated. When you consider the beauty and elegance that granite provides your home, the benefits far exceed the upkeep required.

What Are The Benefits Of Marble?

Marble is known for its beauty and grandeur. Like granite, marble is very strong and resistant to damage when it is properly cared for. The key is to consider what area you want to have marble in.

Marble is much more porous than granite and will stain easier than granite will. Marble must be sealed and treated just as granite does. If you’re wanting a stunning accent table or dramatic end tables, there’s nothing that will infiltrate a refined elegance throughout your home as marble will. Marble is heat-resistant; therefore, a hot pot won’t damage marble.

Which Is Better Granite Or Marble?

This depends upon where you want the marble installed. For example, marble vanity in your bathroom is an excellent choice; however, a marble countertop for a bar with a glass of spilled red wine would be disastrous.

Which Is More Expensive?

Generally, marble is more costly. Once again, this depends upon which variety of granite or marble that you’re considering. Rare granite colors and varieties are obviously more costly than plentiful granite types.

Can I See The Varieties Of Granite and Marble That You Have?

Absolutely! Stop by our conveniently-located showroom and see for yourself the multitude of granite and marble colors, patterns, and varieties that we offer you to choose from. Call us today at (817) 402-2114 and speak with our stone experts.

Granite USA makes it easy for you to choose between Granite Vs Marble! We provide you with free design consultation and our professional designer will aid you in deciding if granite or marble is better for you, your lifestyle, and your personal needs. Here at Granite USA, our extensive selection, our quality service, and our low prices can’t be beaten!

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