Straight Edge Countertop

The straight edge provides a modern style and contemporary look to your countertop. This edge profile looks extremely clean and is becoming quite popular for kitchen countertops flanked with stainless steel fixtures and accents.

The straight edge profile visually looks as if the edges are perfectly straight, however this profile actually features a very subtle rounding to remove sharp edges and reduce unnecessary damage. This is a visually sleek edge profile that adds a contemporary and sophisticated look to your home.

If you are planning a design for a modern area with a distinguished aesthetic or you want something slightly understated while still being elegant, the straight edge profile is an excellent choice. The straight edge profile works well with most designs due to the look’s simplicity and it’s ability to accent your stone without drawing attention away from your beautiful room and the features that you want to stand out.

The Modern Edge Look

The straight edge profile features flat upper and lower edges, appearing as a squared or “straight” edge. The straight edge is extremely versatile and is often combined with stainless steel for a stylishly minimalistic aesthetic. You can combine a solid colored black or white granite slab with the sophisticated style of a straight edge profile for the ultimate in modern and contemporary designs.

The straight edge profile is an ideal fit for those with a mid-century modern or understated home design and the look of suave sophistication that comes from the straight edge is a perfect finish to the distinguished style of your home interior.

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