Ogee Edge Profiles

The ogee is a beautifully refined looking edge profile that adds a striking appearance to your stone and is an excellent choice for those that want a distinguished look for their countertops. This edge profile also provides a great aesthetic for your bathroom.

Due to it’s luxurious appearance, the ogee edge profile is often combined with more subtle-looking profiles to balance the look of your room. This is a visually intricate profile that adds a lavish and stunning aesthetic. If you are planning a look for a kitchen, bathroom or an outdoor cooking space that you can be proud of, the ogee is an excellent choice.

Beautiful Curved Edges

The ogee edge features a hybrid of curvature, where the upper part of the stone features an inward curve with an outward curve at the bottom, finishing flat underneath.

The ogee is extremely adaptable and is often combined with other edge profiles for exceptional beauty and originality in your look. We can even combine your ogee with an additional laminate edge for a very distinguished aesthetic.

The ogee edge profile is a perfect fit for those with a rustic or classical-style home. The extra look of refinement that comes from the ogee adds much variation and creativity to the overall style of your interior.

Choose Us for Ogee Edge Installation

Browse our inventory online and call today at (817) 402-2114 to speak with a friendly granite and quartz expert. We are always eager to answer any questions that you may have. You can also stop by our showroom if you would like to see our inventory in person, and we even have consultants to help you select the perfect design for your home.

At Granite USA, we are experts at designing and producing the ogee edge profile, as well as many other styles and designs, and we have a gigantic selection with the best prices in the industry!


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