Laminate Countertop Edges

The laminate edge profile adds a thicker appearance to your stone and is a great choice for those that want a nice eye-catching aesthetic to make their countertop really stand out. This profile looks quite robust and bold when comparing it to other edge profiles.

The laminate edge profile features layered edges, making this an ideal choice for those who want to make their countertop look twice as thick. This is a visually strong profile that adds a bold and opulent aesthetic. If you are planning a look for a kitchen or bar that you want to really stand out, the laminate is a great choice.

What Work Best With Laminate

When you consider a laminate edge, it is important to know which styles will provide a cohesive look to your countertop. When this profile is paired with a bold pattern or darker colored slabs it hides the point of attachment exceptionally well.

Our experts can create a wonderful laminate for you that blends seamlessly, however the point of attachment might still be seen when paired with a lighter slab upon very close inspection. For this reason, we recommend that you pair the laminate with darker and more texturally adventurous styles, or even integrated into other edge profiles for a hybrid look.

Choose Us For Laminate Countertop Edges

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At Granite USA, we are experts at designing and fabricating the laminate edge profile, as well as many other styles and designs, and we have a colossal selection with the best prices in the industry!


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