Demi Bullnose Edge Profile

The demi bullnose is a simple-looking edge profile that works well with almost every design and is very popular. This profile’s look is more understated than a lot of other edge profiles, however it is beautiful in its simplicity.

The demi bullnose edge profile features a rounded or curved upper edge with a flat lower edge and this tends to direct spills away from cabinetry. Due to the simplicity of the demi bullnose, it can be crafted very easily and efficiently; often incurring little or no extra cost to your project.

This is a time-tested and classic-looking profile that works well with almost any design. If you are unsure about what profile would look nice in your room, the demi bullnose is a good choice.

Stay Stylish With Demi Bullnose

The demi bullnose edge profile is stylish in and of itself, but this profile really works well with the vast range of colors, styles and textures available. When paired with a swirling or speckled pattern, the demi bullnose is appropriate because it does not detract from the adventurous look of the stone’s texture.

The simple demi bullnose is a perfect balance for a bold looking stone. This edge profile also works with the understated appearance of a more solid-colored stone. Due to the solid color of the stone and the simple beauty of the demi bullnose, this is perfect for those that seek a more minimalistic design aesthetic.

Demi Bullnose Edge Installation

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