Bevel Edge Granite

A lot more must be considered after you accomplish the challenging task of selecting your granite color and variety. You must then select your edge profile.

The edge profile does far more than simply smooth the rough edges of your granite stone slab. Your edge profile is a key design element that expresses your preferred decorative style.

Do you prefer a rustic, country feeling? Are you most comfortable in classic traditional environments? Is contemporary what you relate to best? When selecting your edge profile, take that into consideration, as well as the countertop’s location and primary use.

Our fabrication specialists have many years of training in crafting perfected edge profiles. The design consultant will assist you in making this important design decision.

What Goes With Bevel Edge Granite?

The bevel edge profile is a classic profile edge that works well on all countertop styles, the only exception being the euro style, known also as waterfall, countertop that generally has a straight edge profile.

Granite countertops lend themselves well to the bevel edge profile and this edge profile calls attention to your statement-making granite countertops. Because granite is a hard, durable stone, bevel edge granite countertops have a heavier, more substantial appearance.

Selecting the correct edge profile can unite your entire room, whereas selecting the wrong granite edge profile could leave you in regret. At Granite USA, we realize this is a difficult design decision to make.

Our design professional will assist you in choosing the edge profile that best conveys your preferred design style and unites the elements in your room where the countertop will be located. Our fabrication experts are always available to answer any questions you have regarding the different granite edge profiles we offer you.

Contact Us For Bevel Edge Granite

You can count on Granite USA to provide you with the finest quality granite and countertop installation services. Our granite edge profiles are unbeatable!

Contact us today at (817) 402-2114 and discuss your options with our expert fabrication specialists and our design consultant. You are our number one priority! We are devoted to providing you with expertly-crafted granite edge profiles to make certain your room is enviable!


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