Granite Edge Profiles

Granite Edge Styles
We Can Help You Choose The Right Granite Edge Profiles.

After the biggest decision of selecting which granite, quartz or natural stone countertop is best suited for you, your lifestyle and your preferred design style then the finishing touches must be decided.

Edge profiles enhance the countertop stone you have selected and evoke the design genre that best expresses your taste.

If you want a large island for casual dining then a curved island edge with a rounded granite edge profile will be the best choice.

For contemporary, modern styling a sleek straight granite edge profile works perfectly. Our highly-skilled fabricators specialize in edge profiles and  produce quality results to ensure your natural stone countertops are exactly what you desire.

Edge profiles are necessary to finish the rough stone countertop edge and also add beauty to the granite, natural stone or quartz slabs you select. Our talented design specialists will assist you in choosing the perfect edge profile for your countertops.

Granite Edge Styles

To obtain the finest quality results for your countertop edge profile, only experienced fabrication specialists, as we have here at Granite USA, are qualified. Our fabricators are skilled at their craft and will provide you with the perfectly-executed edge profile for your countertops.

There are a variety of edge profile styles to select from. The edge profile you choose should not only reflect your favored design style but also be appropriate for your home lifestyle and activities. Basic edge profiles are more affordable than elaborate edge profile choices; however, with our wholesale prices we work within your budget and enable you to have the granite countertops and edge profile you’ve always wanted.

Are you having difficulty in deciding which granite edge profile you should choose? Our talented designers will show you the following popular edge profile styles.

  • Bevel
    This edge profile slants downward at a 45 degree angle with the very bottom rim being straight. The bevel edge profile is a classic style that lends itself perfectly to your granite countertops. It gives the appearance of a thicker slab of granite and works well for kitchen and bathroom countertops.
  • Demi Bullnose
    Similar in appearance to the full bullnose edge profile, the top visible edge is rounded downward. Homeowners frequently select this edge profile because it is classic and versatile in styling no matter what your preferred decor style is. The demi bullnose works well with most stone countertop choices and is excellent on countertop edges in any room.
  • Full Bullnose
    The full bullnose edge profile is exactly as its name suggests. The granite, quartz or natural stone slab is rounded both on the topside and underside of the edge. This versatile edge profile works well on all types of stone and on kitchen, bathroom or bar countertop edges.
  • Laminate
    For the appearance of a thicker slab of granite, quartz or natural stone the laminate edge profile is an excellent choice. An additional piece of granite is adhered to the edge of the countertop, making your granite to appear as if its twice the thickness. A laminate edge profile accentuates the edges of a kitchen island.
  • Ogee
    The ogee edge profile is perfect if you prefer a classic and traditional, timeless style. Its intricate design is a beautiful profile edge for marble countertops. It lends itself well to bathroom countertops because it adds an air of elegance. Our fabrication experts are skilled at achieving this more elaborate edge profile.
  • Straight
    This is an excellent choice for those wanting a smooth, simple edge profile on granite countertops. The edges are slightly rounded to prevent sharp corners. Straight edge profiles are well-suited for modern, contemporary homes. This edge profile is a great selection for countertops in rare stone varieties because its simplicity keeps the focus on the stone.

Contact Our Team Of Edge Profiles/Styles Experts

Let our design specialists assist you in choosing the perfect edge profile for your granite countertops. Also, some edge profiles do not work well with specific stone countertops and our experts will inform you of the best edge profile choices for your granite, quartz, marble or specialty stone countertops. Call us at (817) 402-2114 or visit our Fort Worth showroom and meet with our design consultants.


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