Granite Countertops Install & Design

Homeowners everywhere value granite for its uniqueness and beauty.  Unlike other countertop materials, granite is completely natural. Granite is quarried and then cut into slabs, meaning that no two granite slabs are alike.

This is a primary reason why people desire granite countertops. You are guaranteed that your granite countertops will not be identical to anyone else’s.

Since granite is a 100% natural stone, it is porous and must be treated annually. The care that granite countertops require pales in comparison to the beauty and elegance they provide to you and your home.

Granite USA has the widest selection of fine granite countertops anywhere in the DFW metroplex region. No matter what your preferred design style is, we install your granite countertops with expert proficiency.

Benefits of Granite Countertops

In addition to its elegance and uniqueness, every granite slab has different vein formations and clusters of color variance throughout it. Granite is extremely durable and hard, unlike many other countertop materials that are susceptible to cracks, peeling or water damage and other destructive issues.

Granite countertops will last you for decades when they are treated regularly, cared for properly and not subjected to abuse. Granite is extremely versatile and works equally as well in Western-style country homes, classic traditional environments or trendy ultra contemporary homes.

Would you like brown and gold swirled granite for your farm-style home? Does absolute black granite appeal to your daring nature? Granite varieties and colors run the full spectrum and include solid colors as well as swirled and speckled patterns.

With our expert installation and extensive inventory, Granite USA sees to it that you experience all of the benefits that granite countertops provide.

Plenty Of Granite Options

Granite offers you innumerable design options to select from. There are over one hundred different granite colors, patterns and varieties, ranging from soothing white granite to the deepest black granite as well as awe-inspiring smoky swirled granite and brown and gold speckled granite.

No matter what granite color or variety you’re searching for, Granite USA has it! If you need help deciding which granite you should select, our design expert will assist you in choosing the perfect granite countertop stone for you.


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