Tile And Stone Backsplash

Backsplashes are an important design element in your kitchens and bathrooms; however, many homeowners are not aware of the usefulness of backsplashes and frequently overlook them. At Granite USA we show you the myriad of design features that backsplashes accomplish. Not only do backsplashes do what their name suggests by protecting your bare walls from cooking and washing splatters but they bring the design of your kitchen and bathroom to life! Call 817-402-2114 to learn more about our backsplash services.

Whether your preferred design genre is classic traditional or trendy contemporary, the right backsplash choice will be the perfect finishing touch to your floors, countertops, showers or sinks. Do you have a wet bar? A backsplash adds dramatic flare. Your creative options are endless when it comes to backsplashes. Our design consultants will present you with the vast array of choices we offer to you and will assist you in bringing to life the perfect kitchen, bathroom or accent areas you’ve only imagined possible.

What Are The Best Backsplash Options?

Your backsplash options are endless! Do you want to make an artistic statement? Hand-painted or colorful tiles turn your walls into showpieces. Do you like contrasting textures? Combine sleek granite countertops with a rustic natural stone backsplash. On larger wall areas as behind your stove or in the shower a dramatic mosaic tile pattern brings your entire room to life.

Choose contrasting granite, quartz or marble slabs to highlight your countertops and know that no one else will have the beautiful room that you do! Are you uncertain as to which option you should choose?

Visit our showroom and work with our design expert who will show you the combinations that are possible. With us, you don’t have to second-guess! We make the design and selection process easy for you and guarantee you will be pleased and amazed with your new room.

Most Affordable Backsplash

Because we offer wholesale prices directly to you and partner with the most reputable suppliers in the industry, you do not have to cut corners and settle for laminate and lesser quality materials for your backsplash. We have an extensive selection of affordable granite, quartz and natural stone in our Fort Worth warehouse. Our highly experienced designers, fabricators and installation specialists do your entire home renovation projects from start to finish, enabling us to provide you with the finest quality materials at the best prices available. Call (817) 402-2114 if you are in need of tile or natural stone backsplash in Fort Worth, TX.


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