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Granite Countertops & Backsplash

For professional granite installation in Fort Worth, TX, come to the experts at Granite USA! Our installation specialists and fabricators have many years of industry experience and are experts when it comes to executing with precision the installation of all unique countertops, sinks and home upgrades and enhancements.

From cutting the granite slabs to edge profile artistry, our superior installation services cannot be topped! Scroll down to read about our installation services that we provide in Fort Worth, TX and surrounding areas!

Our Installation Services

The specializations of our installers run the gamut of all you desire to turn your house into your dream home! Whether you want to upgrade your bar, change your bathroom sinks or revive your kitchen countertops our installation services ensure you receive the finest quality service available.

  • Backsplashes
    Choose from our huge inventory of tile and stone options. Precision-installed backsplashes are the finishing touch for your countertops.
  • Countertops
    From classic to ultra-modern, our direct-to-the-public wholesale prices enable you to have the countertops for the room you want to revive.
  • Edge Profiles
    Whatever your preferred design aesthetic is, there are numerous edge profile styles that add the finishing touch to your countertops.
  • Kitchen
    No matter the size of your kitchen, our granite and quartz slabs and natural stone remnants permit you to transform your kitchen.
  • Bathroom
    Be it showers, vanities, sinks or flooring our installation specialists will create your new bathroom from top to bottom.
  • Natural Stone
    Our vast array of natural stone slabs and remnants enable you to create new countertops and design accents at an unbeatable price.

Offering All Types Of Stone


No two slabs of granite are alike. Because granite is a natural stone, each slab is quarried and its unique characteristics are prized by homeowners. We have large slabs in our warehouse so no matter how expansive your kitchen counters are we can easily accommodate your requests.

Natural stones are porous and granite can stain if it is not treated and sealed regularly. Granite is available from the lightest shades to the darkest tones, as well as swirl or speckled designs.

Less expensive varieties of granite are available; however, if you long for rare, dramatic granite our designers will show you the unique granite patterns we have available in our warehouse.


Quartz is a combination of quartz and resin used for binding. It is easy-care and not subjected to staining because it is not porous. Quartz is excellent for kitchen countertops for those of you who love entertaining or have active families. It is a great stone for bathroom counters and vanities.

Many homeowners want to know the price of quartz versus granite. Quartz is less expensive, but the deciding factor is always your personal preference. Any color or design pattern is possible with quartz so it is an excellent choice for those who desire dramatic statement colors and styles.

Natural Marble Stone

Marble floors make a statement! We don’t recommend marble for countertops because it is a softer, porous natural marble stone and is vulnerable to scratches; however, marble is a dramatic luxury stone and is perfect for entryway floors or used for special areas in the home.

Marble is beautiful and highly sought-after by those who want the “wow factor” and are willing to provide the extra care and attention that marble requires.

Visit or showroom and consult with our design specialist who will show you the many varieties of marble we have in our expansive warehouse.

Custom/Special Stone

No matter what you envision, here at Granite USA we will make it happen! We have the largest variety of rare, unusual special stone available in the north Texas region.

Do you desire onyx? Are you looking for something precious for accent end tables? Custom and specialty stone ensure that you will never see what you have in anyone else’s home.

Visit our warehouse and see the vast selection of rare granite, slate, limestone and other specialty stone options that we will provide for you.


Sometimes known as dolostone, dolomite is very similar to limestone and is primarily found in Italy. Dolomite color normally ranges from white to gray and white to light brown, although green, black and red colorations are possible.

This is an excellent stone for backsplashes and to make a dramatic statement that enhances your countertops, showers or bathroom vanities. Our designers and experienced, knowledgeable stone experts will show you the many color options of dolomite we have available to you and how you can use this natural stone selection to enhance your home environment.


Do not mistake quartzite for quartz. They are two different materials each with unique individual characteristics. Quartzite originated from sandstone and is extracted from quarries to provide large slabs that are excellent for countertops, backsplashes and floors. Quartzite has swirls of white through gray coloring which has become very popular in interior design.

It’s hardness is comparable with granite; therefore, it can provide the look of marble but with greater durability and less care. We have a large variety of quartzite colors in our Fort Worth warehouse and our fabricators and installation specialists will provide you with the best options available for your dream home.

Contact Us Today

Contact us at (817) 402-2114 if you have any needs for granite installation in Fort Worth, Texas. We have knowledgeable stone professionals who can help you. Visit our Fort Worth showroom and tour our warehouse to see the extensive selection we make available to you.

With our direct-to-you wholesale pricing on granite, quartz, marble and rare specialty stone we guarantee you will be able to afford the upgrades required to turn your house into the dream home you’ve always longed for!


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