For more than ten years now, Granite USA has provided exceptional quality granite to the homeowners in the DFW metroplex area and the surrounding cities. Granite is unique, in that it’s a natural stone that is quarried, cut, and polished. Because of this fact, you have confidence in knowing that you’ll never see countertops exactly like yours in the home of anyone else. Have you always dreamed of having superior quality granite countertops in your home? Granite USA makes it happen for you! With our low, wholesale prices and our vast experience, we see to it that you get the beautiful granite countertops that you want! Our locally-based, family-owned company takes care of every aspect, from initial design development through installation completion; therefore, you can trust Granite USA to make your dream home happen!

I Want Granite Countertops And My Neighbor Said I Have To Be Careful About The Edges. What Does That Mean?

In the industry, the term “edge profile” refers to how the edges of your rough granite slab are finished. Not only does the edge profile smooth the rough edges of your granite slab, but the granite edge also evokes your preferred design style and expresses your personal taste. For people who have a lot of activity in the room where the countertop will be, a smooth, rounded edge profile would be a great choice and what your neighbor means by saying that you should be careful.

Are There Different Kinds Of Granite Edges?

Yes. There are six different granite edge profiles that are frequently used to finish the rough granite slab edges.

How Do I Know What Granite Edge Is Best For Me?

The granite edge that you select should not only reflect your favored design style, it should be appropriate for your home, your lifestyle, and your regular activities.

Will Your Company Help Me Decide?

Definitely! We understand that after you’ve made the big decision of selecting which granite you prefer, the finishing touches like choosing your granite edge are often overwhelming! Let our design specialists assist you in choosing the edge profile for your granite countertops. Our design experts will show you examples of each edge profile and aid you in selecting the one that works best for you. Call us today at 817-402-2114 and come by and see us at our convenient location! Granite USA is always here for you!

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