We offer the widest selection of superior quality granite for your countertops and for your home areas that’s available in the entire DFW metroplex region.  Granite is cherished by homeowners due to its durability and for its unique characteristics. 

As we’ve supplied exceptional granite to the many happy, satisfied customers that our family-owned company has throughout the North Texas area, we’re frequently asked what colors that granite is available in.  Stop by our locally-based showroom and see for yourself!  Give us a call today at 817-402-2114!

Granite Come In a Lot Of Colors?

Yes!  Granite colors come in every shade of the rainbow, from pale, ethereal tones like Arctic White to dramatic midnight black.  No matter what granite color that you’re looking for, we can assure you that Granite USA has it!

Does Granite Come In Unusual Colors And Patterns Too?

It certainly does.  If you’re wanting a swirled or speckled granite pattern, we’ve got it here waiting for you!  Our showroom and expansive warehouse have a vast quantity of colors, patterns, and varieties for you to view.  We’re letting you know that you might be overwhelmed by your choices!

I Don’t Want My Counter To Look Like Anybody Else’s.  Do You Have Rare Colors And Varieties?

Granite USA has it all!  If you don’t see exactly what you’re envisioning, we’ll order it exclusively for you!

How Do I Decide What Color I Should Get?

First, consider what environment makes you feel at home and what design style you identify with.  Does a traditional, classic environment put you at ease?  Would you describe yourself as trendy and contemporary?  Does a relaxed, country setting make you feel the most relaxed?  Take this into account, as well as what your preferred colors are.  Our design assistant is here for you and will aid you in choosing the color that is best suited for you.

Does Your Company Provide Design Assistance?  I Want To Be Sure I’m Happy With The Color That I Choose.

We understand that when you see the large selection that we make available to you, it’s challenging to decide.  Granite endures for decades so you want to be sure that you choose what is perfect for you.  Our granite experts and professional designer will show you the vast selection of colors, patterns, and varieties that we have here for you to choose from.  We are happy to answer any and all questions that you have!  From beginning to end, we provide the DFW metroplex region with the finest quality granite and the largest selection available anywhere!  Contact us today at 817-402-2114!    

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