For the best quartz countertops in the entire DFW metroplex area, look no further!  We are the number one destination for the finest quartz countertops and the best quartz countertop installation service available. 

Granite USA has provided homeowners throughout our region with the widest selection of top-quality countertops since 2008. Deciding what countertop stone to select is a major decision and a serious investment for your home. 

Are you upgrading your kitchen? Would you like a countertop for an entertainment bar area? Does your bathroom need a serious design update? 

No matter how large or small the area is that you need countertops for, we are here to help you. With us, you are our number one priority!  Call us today at (817) 402-2114 and visit our convenient locally-based showroom. 

Our designer will present you with the vast selection we offer for you to choose from and will assist you in deciding what countertop stone is best for you.  

Do Quartz Countertops Hold Up Well?

Yes!  Quartz countertops have a high hardness level and do not scratch or chip easily. Quartz countertops last for years as long as they are not subjected to abuse. 

They are a smart choice for homes with active families or for those of you who have friends over and entertain regularly. For instance, a marble countertop is beautiful, but a marble bar with a spilled glass of red wine would be a devastating occurrence. 

Get the same look with a quartz countertop and rest easy. Grape juice on white granite? That would not be good! Our fine quality countertops can take a beating, so to speak, and eliminate your worry. 

Are There A Lot Of Colors Available With Quartz?

For the best quartz countertops are available in any color you want.  Unlike granite, quartz can be dyed any color you desire, so if you want emerald green or cherry red countertops, you can have that with quartz. 

In addition to a vast array of colors, countertops can be dyed with any pattern or repetitive design.  If you want them to coordinate with your dining room upholstery, go for it! 

When you love the look of granite but don’t want the maintenance that granite countertops require, we offer you many patterns that resemble swirled and speckled granite. 

If you’ve had your eyes on a rare granite or specialty stone variety but the cost is prohibitive, with countertops you can have the look without the price.  Would you love marble for your countertops but are concerned because you have an active household? 

With countertops, you can have the look without the fear.  Visit our locally-based showroom and our design consultant will present the multitude of quartz colors, patterns and varieties we offer you.  You’ll be stunned when you see the choices we make available to you!  


Quartz is an excellent investment for your home, as they increase your home’s value.  Unlike granite and other completely natural stones, quartz countertops do not harbor bacteria and do not need sealing or to be treated regularly. 

Many homeowners select quartz countertops for their bathroom for this reason. Because quartz material is combined with resin, quartz is stain-resistant.  For those of you with hectic schedules and who are always on-the-go, quartz makes your life easier. 

If you love to cook but don’t want the worry of spills, quartz is a great choice.  Do you casually entertain often at home?  Quartz countertops in your kitchen will turn your work area into a gathering place. 

Does your kitchen have a large countertop area? Because quartz has no variance in color, they are excellent for large areas, as seaming doesn’t show between the slabs.  Because of the many positive qualities quartz countertops have, they continue to increase in popularity with homeowners.  

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